I’m Tuğcan Topaloğlu

I have had the chance to work on a variety of intriguing projects as a highly talented computer engineer with a wide range of experience in the IT business. I’ve worked as an IT manager, game developer, iOS intern, cyber security intern, and have experience as a computer engineer at Turkish Aerospace (which is the biggest defense industry company in Turkey), among other positions. I am proficient in a number of programming languages, including C#, Python, Swift, Unity,.NET, JavaScript, Go, HTML, and CSS. In addition to my technical proficiency, I am also very organized and have the ability to successfully handle projects from beginning to end. Some of these projects can be found in my GitHub page and others are in currently use in my former companies. Currently my most focused areas are Cyber Security, Software Development and Game Development.

I educate as well as pursue my technological studies in order to pass on my expertise to future generations. In the areas of computer and software engineering, I also provide freelance translation services for articles and other software and engineering related content.

In my spare time, I like keeping up with the most recent technological advancements and taking part in a variety of computer engineering-related social activities. You can learn more about my certifications in my industry and others in my Linkedin profile. I am eager to continue improving my career in the fascinating profession of computer engineering since I am constantly looking for new possibilities to learn and grow.

In addition to working in my area, I also had the chance to participate in social assistance clubs as a manager and a member. In addition, through taking part in numerous project contests, I had the chance to share my own projects with others. Some of these contests gave me the chance to earn a degree.

Feel free to learn more about me in my social pages. If you need a specific information for business inquiries you can contact me from contact page or write an email to contact@tugcan.dev.

If you have an improve for my open-source content or if you want to collaborate you can make a request from GitHub or write an detailed email to me! I will be contacting with you as soon as possible!