I’m Tuğcan Topaloğlu

I'm trying to doing better everyday! Mostly about Cyber Security, Software Development, Game Development but you can find more. See all projects, open-source developments and see my technology and game design blogs here!

I’m Tuğcan Topaloğlu

What I Love Doing

Its hard to stay consistent in daily basis. I am doing it and trying to improve myself!

Cyber Security

Building cyber security tools and doing red/blue team work. Red team pen testing, application security and more. This is mostly my main work in daily basis.

Software Development

Responsive, interactive and clean websites and apps. Building and creating brands for firms and myself. Mostly working on .NET and Java but have a great experience react and other libraries.

Game Development

Developing games using mainly Unity. My games are focused on game mechanics and technical side. Still learning Unreal Engine.

Database Engineering

Building and creating databases for corporate companies and games. Working on integration with game servers and multiplayer aspects.

Mobile Development

Developing mobile apps which can be used easily by everyone. Mostly working with Swift for native iOS app development but I am learning Flutter for more flexibility.

Educating and Translating

I have worked as a Python and Scratch teacher for more than 150+ students. I also worked as a translator for English to Turkish technical Computer Engineering documents. Still working on educating and translating more.